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Abu Dhabi public holidays in 2019 and 2020 reconfirmed by government  Time Out Abu Dhabi

Back in March, we brough you the news of the UAE Cabinet announcing that in 2019 and 2020 the public and private sectors would get the same holidays.

Would more bank holidays make us all better off?  Telegraph.co.uk

Anyone who took a trip to the seaside this weekend will have seen the wonders a sunny bank holiday can work for the local economy.

Father's Day becomes an official U.S. holiday, April 24, 1972  Politico

For more than six decades, Father's Day was seen in some quarters as a peripheral event aimed at beefing up sales. It came into its own on this day in 1972, ...

Why you're still paying a public holiday surcharge  The West Australian

Overheard at a northern suburbs cafe on Easter Monday: “This menu says there's a 15 per cent surcharge for public holidays. What the f***? I thought they ...

LAUSD may create holiday to recognize Armenian Genocide  KABC-TV

The Los Angeles Unified School District board is looking to provide special recognition to the Armenian Genocide and possibly create a new school holiday.


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