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Duke Student Government confirms 39 members for next year, including chief justice  Duke Chronicle

At Tuesday's Duke Student Government Senate meeting, which ran for more than three hours despite an agenda light on legislation, the Senate confirmed 39 ...

Barling directors discuss changing to mayoral form of government  Times Record

The Barling Board of Directors discussed the possibility of looking into a mayoral form of government for the city on Tuesday.Barling Ward 1 Director Bruce ...

Trust issues and the government | News  Bolivar Herald-Free Press

I am a “less government” conservative. I am a big believer in state's rights and less federal overreach.

US accuses pair of stealing GE secrets and passing them to China  CNN

Hong Kong (CNN Business) The US government has alleged that a GE engineer and Chinese businessman stole tech secrets with the intention of passing them ...

Report: Eight LGBTI Nicaraguans killed during anti-government protests  Washington Blade

A report from Nicaragua indicates at least eight LGBTI people have been killed during anti-government protests that began last April.


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