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Celebrating David Lynch’s ‘The Straight Story,’ 20 Years Later  The Ringer

The 'Twin Peaks' director's G-rated Disney film showed at Cannes 20 years ago, and still stands as a unique gem in the filmmaker's ouvre.

Parents Need To Stop Doing These 20 Things By The Time The Due Date Comes  BabyGaga

After nine long months, the baby is about to arrive. How exciting, emotional, amazing, and more. But as the due date approaches, parents need to get a handle ...

Vetements Wants Men to Buy a Ridiculous Birthday T-Shirt for $570  Men's Health

Luxury French clothing brand is selling a men's T-Shirt that says “It's My Birthday And All I Got Was This Overpriced T-Shirt From Vetements," but their Instagram ...

All Malaysian MPs, including opposition members, must declare assets under proposed anti-corruption rules  The Straits Times

PUTRAJAYA - Malaysian lawmakers - including those in the opposition - may soon be legally required to declare all their assets, if measures proposed by a ...

The Terminator Gift Guide | ScreenRant  Screen Rant

The Terminator series is a staple of the action movie genre. Fans of the films need to check this gift guide. The future depends on it!


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