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The Manual (blog)

Polestar Announces Entirely Electric Vehicle Lineup Starting with the 600-Horsepower Polestar 1
The Manual (blog)
For over 20 years, Polestar (once called Flash Engineering) has united with Volvo in a series of racing and production car projects. Since 2015, Volvo has owned Polestar outright, using the tuning brand to modify its V60 wagon and S60 sedan. Evidently ...
Volvo Bets EUR 640m Into Polestar To Challenge Tesla – Unmatched Customer Service Automotive News (press release)
Polestar 1 is a carbon-fiber bodied 600-horsepower hybrid coupeGears Of Biz

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GT Sport gimped its career mode and tuning options
One of the staples in racing games for quite a long time - especially in simulations - has been the ability to customize and tune your favorite car until the absolute best performance could be squeezed out of it. This feature has been a prominent part ...
Gran Turismo Sport game reviewSunday Times Driving
Gran Turismo Sport GT Mode Absence Due to Gamers' Lack of Tuning Know-How (press release)
GT Mode scrapped for simplicity in GT SportMammoth Gamers
Gears Of Biz
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Forget Bugatti Chiron, Hennessy teases road car that can travel 300mph
Now, one would initially assume that the sign refers to km/h which would put the next car's top speed at 186mph. This however would not make any sense for Hennessy who has already produced a car that travels 270mph. Despite this the Veyron Super Sport ...
Hennessey Venom F5 Aims to be the Fastest Car in the
Hennessey Venom F5 could hit 300mphAutoExpress

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Hot Rod Network

Zero To Hero! This Guy Reveals Dual-Quad Tuning Secrets!
Hot Rod Network
The engine gets even leaner after a hot startup with accompanying lean surge but will go away once the car is moving and air starts to circulate and the hot fuel is displaced with cooler fuel from the tank. I recommend not to tune for hot-soak ... (blog)

Here's Why You Shouldn't Trust Dyno Numbers (blog)
Dynamometers are used all the time to measure power output for cars. The standard estimate for comparing wheel horsepower (the number retrieved from the dyno) to crank horsepower (the manufacturer's claimed number) is a 15 percent difference. But as a ...

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