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Tiny technology could have giant consequences for the U.S.-China trade war  Washington Post

The geopolitical clash between the United States and China hinges on the tiniest of technologies, chips and other components that are essential to nearly every ...

Policing and technology America is turning against facial-recognition software  The Economist

THE SALESMEN and women at the International Association of Chiefs of Police technology conference last week were as enthusiastic as ever. This in-car tablet ...

Facebook plans to launch 'GlobalCoin' cryptocurrency in 2020  The Guardian

Mark Zuckerberg met governor of Bank of England last month to discuss decision.

Technology and politics Huawei has been cut off from American technology  The Economist

AMERICA IS NO fan of Huawei. Its officials have spent months warning that the Chinese giant's smartphones and networking gear could be Trojan horses for ...

Inside the List: Could technology replace local law and accounting jobs?  South Florida Business Journal

Not yet, according to local accounting and law firms. But professionals still need to prepare for the ways automation and A.I. are set to change those sectors.


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