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Soyuz Capsule Returns Station Crew to Earth After 204 Days in Space

A Russian cosmonaut and astronauts from the United States and Canada returned to Earth after spending more than 200 days on board the International Space ...

Hubble Space Telescope Views 'Trillions of Stars'  SciTechDaily

Messier 98 is estimated to contain about a trillion of stars, and is full of cosmic dust — visible here as a web of red-brown stretching across the frame — and ...

Builder proposes commercial, apartment space in downtown White River Junction  Valley News

WHITE RIVER JUNCTION — A major Upper Valley developer is proposing to construct a five-story mixed-use building in downtown White River Junction.

Space X's Launch Tonight, An Illegal Airbnb Empire, and More News  WIRED

SpaceX is taking on its most complicated mission yet; an illegal Airbnb ring has been unearthed in New York City; and WIRED wants to free you from streaming ...

Record-breaking Astronaut Peggy Whitson: 'It's an Exciting Time for Space Exploration' - D-brief  Discover Magazine

Peggy Whitson's career as an astronaut has been trailblazing: With a total of 665 days in space, Whitson not only currently holds the space endurance record in ...


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