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Adversarial attacks on medical machine learning  Science Magazine

With public and academic attention increasingly focused on the new role of machine learning in the health information economy, an unusual and ...

Volcanic threats to global society  Science Magazine

When Mount Tambora in the Lesser Sunda Islands, Indonesia, erupted in 1815, more than 100 km3 of volcanic pyroclasts and ash were discharged into the ...

Catch NASA's JPL at the Clippers SciFest This Weekend  Jet Propulsion Laboratory

Explore the galaxy with NASA's JPL this weekend at a free STEM festival for Los Angeles students and families.

Southern Weed Science Society honors Steckel  EurekAlert

The Southern Weed Science Society recently honored Larry Steckel, a professor with the University of Tennessee Department of Plant Sciences, with the ...

NYC selective high school admissions uproar a symptom of a much bigger problem

The low number of black and Latino students in the city's elite high schools suggest a basic unfairness in relying on a single measure of educational potential.


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