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Physicists make collimated atomic beam smaller, more precise  Space Daily

Washington DC (UPI) Apr 23, 2019 - Researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology have managed to build a cascading silicon peashooter - a smaller, ...

Quantum computer prospects improve on the surface

There is a huge race to develop quantum computers for their enormous potential applications. Theory predicts that they can perform certain algorithms, such as ...

Scientific Linux is Being Discontinued  It's FOSS

Scientific Linux, a distributions focused on scientists in high energy physics field, will not be developed anymore. It's creator, Fermilab, is replacing it by CentOS ...

El Mago: Once Again, Javy Báez Proves the Laws of Physics Do Not Apply to Him  Yahoo Sports

Which of the three states of matter is Javy Baez? On the surface, that's a silly question: He's a solid, same as any other human. But there are times when Baez ...

Water walking: The new mode of rock skipping  Science Daily

Researchers not only reveal the physics of how elastic spheres interact with water, but they also lay the foundation for the future design of water-walking drones.


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