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Mattapoisett Native, Astrophysicist to Chair American Institute of Physics  Cape Cod Today

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- The American Institute of Physics (AIP) announced today that its Board of Directors has elected astrophysicist David J. Helfand as its new ...

Microwaved Grapes Spit Plasma, and Scientists Finally Know Why  Live Science

Researchers combined thermal imaging with computer simulations to explain the physics of how microwaving grapes generates plasma.

U of T researcher on the hunt for particles that escaped the Large Hadron Collider  News@UofT

A University of Toronto theoretical physicist on the hunt for hidden particles that could solve cosmic mysteries hopes Canada will go all in on a particle-detection ...

Particle Physicists Build a Meatball Collider  Gizmodo

A team of particle physicists wanted “to unveil the deepest secrets of the Universe—and of Swedish cuisine.” So, naturally, they built a Swedish meatball collider.

Physicists propose huge European neutrino facility

An international team of researchers has proposed an ambitious new experiment that would involve firing neutrinos from a particle accelerator in Russia to a ...


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