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Why anti-plastic zealotry could be harmful to the environment  Noted

It's not that we are using plastic, it's how we're using it.

Voters' Environmental Support Climbs With Republican Presidents, Study Finds  OPB News

If you think environmental policies get more support under Democratic presidents, think again. A new study finds the opposite might actually be true.

N.J. company's multibillion dollar plan to store nuclear waste has environmental groups in meltdown

Environmentalists and nuclear watchdog groups raised dozens of objections Wednesday to an application filed by a New Jersey-based company seeking to ...

Celebrities call on Japan to scrap resumption of whaling  The Guardian

Letter to Shinz┼Ź Abe signed by Ricky Gervais and Stephen Fry attacks decision to leave IWC.

It's Cold in China, And Environmental Central Planning Has Turned Off The Heat  Forbes

As workers in rural China are painfully discovering, and Americans might, should the $7 trillion Green New Deal become reality, energy, and how we use it, ...


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