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Where DID the Moon come from? - The Science Show  ABC News

For generations humans have looked up at the night sky and come up with theories of how the Moon came to be there - but are we any closer to an answer?

#ClimateStrike: Delhi kids join global protest  Times of India

Kicking off the Global Climate Strike week on Friday, students from NCR joined thousands of climate strikers from around the world and took to the str.

Is There Climate Change on Earth? | Letters  The Missourian

To The Editor: The short answer to this question is: From time to time, yes. First may I make a disclaimer: I am not a scientist in the weather-related sciences; ...

Astronomer Speculates That Earth’s ‘Pet' Asteroid Might Be Home To Extra-Terrestrial Probes  Forbes

Are there relic alien spacecraft on asteroids close to Earth that may have been observing the planet for longer than humans have existed? A thought-provoking ...

Meet the IIT, NIOT Scientists Using the Power of Oceans to Generate Electricity!  The Better India

India: Scientists from IIT-Madras & NIOT have developed a turbine that can harness wave energy from an ocean to provide cheap electricity.


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