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Skywatch with Richmond Astronomical Society at Intermission Beer Company  Henrico Citizen

What is better than star gazing at the night sky with telescopes, beer, and a bunch of your friends? Richmond Astronomical Society will be here (weather ...

NASA astronomers find ‘Earth-like water’ in comets that could explain planet make-up

VAST amounts of water similar to that in our oceans have been found by NASA astronomers studying a family of hyperactive comets on the outer reaches of the ...

Astronomers Spy Three Comets Circling a Nearby Star  Gizmodo

NASA's exoplanet-hunting TESS spacecraft has spotted three comets orbiting a star 64 light-years away, according to a new paper.

Say Hello To EPIC 201497682.03, An Earth-Sized Planet Just Discovered  Forbes

Astronomers have just found 18 Earth-sized exoplanets, a huge feat in itself, but one of them looks remarkably similar to our own planet. Could a new technique ...

Ethiopia given naming rights to some celestial bodies by International Astronomical Union  Space in Africa

In celebration of the hard work and significant contributions of Ethiopians to the field of Astronomy, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) is assigning to the ...


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