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SpaceX Falcon Heavy’s 3rd Launch — How to Watch  The New York Times

The powerful rocket will carry an assortment of cargo to orbit, including a solar sail, an atomic clock and the ashes of 152 people.

Can deprescribing drugs linked to cognitive impairment actually reduce risk of dementia?  Science Daily

Scientists call for randomized deprescribing trials to address anticholinergic drug use as a potentially modifiable and reversible risk factor for dementia, ...

Chemists discover structure of glucagon fibrils  Science Daily

Study may be a step toward shelf-stable versions of the hormone, which is used to control diabetes.

Researchers clear runway for tin based perovskite solar cells  Science Daily

Researchers believe their tin based perovskite solar cell could clear the runway for solar panel technology to take off.

Cyprus racers show budget solar cars have a sunny future - The Jakarta Post  Jakarta Post

Venetia Chrysostomide fastened her helmet and rolled her solar-powered car into the sunny streets of Cypriot capital Nicosia for a race to showcase such ...


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