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Oral yeast infection medications may be risky during pregnancy  Popular Science

Women who took the anti-fungal medication during the first trimester of pregnancy, at both low and high doses, were more likely to have a pregnancy loss, found ...

Celery juice isn't a magic health potion — so don't bother drinking it unless you like it  9Honey

A celery juice detox, popularised by Medical Medium Anthony William, has purported health benefits — that d...

Synthetic DNA could help with search for alien life  WTVR CBS 6 News

Scientists have long suggested that if life exists beyond Earth, the processes behind it may be entirely different from everything we know.

Why Do Most Patients Use Medical Marijuana? Chronic Pain  Healthline

A new study found that more than 62 percent of people who use medical marijuana do so to treat chronic pain.

EPA knows this pesticide is dangerous, so why did it reverse the ban? | TheHill  The Hill

The Environmental Protection Agency is trying to overturn a court-ordered deadline to ban chlorpyrifos, abdicating its mission to protect human health and the ...


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