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Science Magazine

Why haven't we had alien contact? Blame icy ocean worlds
Science Magazine
Most extraterrestrial creatures are likely deep inside their home planets, in subsurface oceans crusted over in frozen water ice, according to a new proposal at this year's American Astronomy Society Division for Planetary Sciences meeting in Provo, Utah.

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Culturally inclusive STEM education
Science Magazine
However, the failure of long-standing efforts to effect substantial change reflects a deeper issue: the widespread cultural belief that science is neutral, objective, and apolitical. Although it is true that science aims for objectivity, social and ...

Science Magazine

Rand Paul takes a poke at US peer-review panels
Science Magazine
The bill (S.1973) would eliminate the current in-house watchdog office within the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Alexandria, Virginia, and replace it with an entity that would randomly examine proposals chosen for funding to make sure the ...

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State fills science board to study GenX, new compounds
Raleigh, N.C. — State officials say they've officially appointed members to an expert science panel to advise regulators and public health officials on everything from coal ash contaminants to GenX – more than three months after they originally ...

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Harvard Business Review

Why Hospitals Need Better Data Science
Harvard Business Review
Airlines are arguably more operationally complex, asset-intensive, and regulated than hospitals, yet the best performers are doing a better job by far than most hospitals at keeping costs low and make a decent profit while delivering what their ...


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