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Last minute

The GMO Debate With Scott Hamilton Kennedy | Serving Up Science  WKAR

Are GMOs safe? What is the deal with organic food? On this week's episode of Serving Up Science, Science Writer Sheril Kirshenbaum and WKAR's Karel Vega.

Committee a boost that science needs - Letters  The Star Online

I REFER to the letter “Time to set up select committee on science” (The Star, Jan 18). This is a timely call. In the United Kingdom, the House of Commons has ...

PHOTOS: Ocoee Elementary School’s Science Night 2019  West Orange Times & Windermere Observer

It was an evening of games, puzzles, laughing and learning at Ocoee Elementary School's annual Science Night on Wednesday, Jan. 23. Ocoee Cardinals took ...

Science news in brief: How the ‘world's loneliest frog’ finally found a mate  The Independent

A Romeo finds his Juliet, maybe saving their species Romeo was made for love. But for years he couldn't find it. It's not like there was anything wrong with ...

Prolonged spaceflight could weaken astronauts' immune systems  Science Daily

NASA hopes to send humans to Mars by 2030 on a round-trip mission that could take up to three years -- far longer than any human has ever traveled in space.


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