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Spain's Vox party set to win several seats in upcoming election  TRT World

The far-right party supports plans to deport all undocumented migrants, and want to shut down what they describe as 'fundamentalist' mosques.

Fractured Spain goes to the polls

PM Pedro Sánchez's Socialists are likely to win, but forming a government could be difficult.

What will €345,000 buy in Venice, Greece, Spain, France and Kildare  The Irish Times

Jordan Town and Country Estate Agents is seeking €345,000 for this four-bedroom house on nearly ½ an acre at Belan, Moone in Co Kildare. Four-bed ...

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Alerts On Employment Issues In Spain - Government, Public Sector - Spain  Mondaq News Alerts

Spain has enacted several regulations with regard to the legal situation and the procedures to follow for UK citizens who will be working or living in Spain after ...


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