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Latin American Church to take centre stage at World Youth Day in Panama  Catholic Outlook

As Latin America plays host to World Youth Day this week, it will once again serve as a reminder that the global south is fuelling Catholicism worldwide.

More than 10,000 migrants request visas as caravan hits Mexico  The Washington Post

MEXICO CITY — Mexico said Wednesday that more than 10,000 people have requested visas to cross its southern border as it seeks to grant legal documents ...

‘Crime will fall!’: Trump’s new rallying cry for border wall echoes old strategy of inflating dangers posed by immigrants  The Washington Post

The president offered no evidence of how a border wall would reduce crime rates among people in the country without authorization.

Trump contradicts Pence on Honduras' role stalling migrant caravans  CNN

Washington (CNN) President Donald Trump said Wednesday that "Honduras is doing nothing" to stop migrant caravans from coming toward the US, less than a ...

Letter: McConnell must also own America's lengthy shutdown  Buffalo News

The Trump shutdown is now the McConnell shutdown. In December the Senate unanimously passed a Continuing Resolution, funding the government.


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