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ScienceAlert Editor: Yes, It's Time to Update Our Climate Change Language  ScienceAlert

On Saturday 11 May, researchers at the Mauna Loa Observatory in Hawaii marked a new notch on humanity's collective chart: Earth's atmospheric concentration ...

Juju scare hits Bureau of Ghana Languages  GhanaWeb

An attempt by the leadership of the Bureau of Ghana Languages (BGL) to get a gang there investigated over the diversion of contracts, has attracted resistance ...

uTalk helps you master the wide world of languages on any device  Popular Science

Get lifetime learning now for $15 with uTalk. The app helps you master the wide world of languages on any device.

'Tolkien' is a love letter to language  University of Virginia The Cavalier Daily

Between film adaptations, countless copies of the original novels and its establishment as a staple of popular culture, it is hard to avoid the evolving saga of “The ...

Johnson The language struggles of immigrants to America  The Economist

LEV GOLINKIN left Soviet Ukraine as a nine-year-old in 1990. With assistance from HIAS, a Jewish organisation that helps refugees, his family made its way to ...


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