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DIY sex-assault exam kits draw concerns  Duluth News Tribune

The company that makes the MeToo Kit has marketed its at-home examination kits to colleges and universities as an alternative to having an exam performed by ...

The College Admissions Trilemma  The New York Times

Why it's so hard for universities to balance class, race and their budgets.

Jim VandeHei, Bill Kristol on what the digital revolution means for society  Axios

Axios CEO Jim VandeHei guests on "Conversations with Bill Kristol" to argue that the digital revolution has transformed not just news, but all of society: What he's ...

These 10 solid U.S. colleges prove you don’t need Harvard or Yale to achieve the American Dream  MarketWatch

State and local public universities help low-income kids move into the middle class and beyond.

We asked the editors of 120 college newspapers what matters most to today's students  Axios

Race, diversity and inclusion were by far the most discussed issues.


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