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Close Out the Week With This Video of Gritty Throwing a Cheesesteak at a Human  Eater Philly

Everyone's favorite googly-eyed mascot is getting testy.

Proposed chicken slaughterhouse in Alexandria draws questions, concerns  Washington Post

The row of aging warehouses in an industrial zone just off Alexandria's Duke Street seemed like a perfect spot for Abdulsalem Mused to open a halal butcher ...

10 Ways to Explore Turkey's Delights on a Summer Cruise  Luxury Travel Advisor

Many of Turkey's key sites are on or near the coast, making a cruise one of the most practical and picturesque ways to see the sites. See more here.

Top 5 Hotels in America for a Spring Fling Revealed  World Property Journal

It's been a looooong winter in some parts of the U.S. And it probably seemed to many folks as though winter would never end. But happily, along with greenery ...

Learning that my children’s college choices don’t define them. Or me.  The Washington Post

My secret hope is that — much like how he taught himself how to tie his shoes and ride a bike when he was small — my fourth child will figure out how to get into ...


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