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Southern Shores considers new policy for big parties  The Outer Banks Voice

The Southern Shores Planning Board is considering the possibility of a policy and registration program that will not only keep tabs on when and where special ...

A gentle pox on both parties  Port Townsend Leader

Lovely letter by Democrats Tom Chambers and Dorothy Hollenbeck (Leader, Aug. 14) supporting a friend and neighbor “who has endured with considerable ...

Jeff Bezos partied with Katy Perry and Lil Nas at a concert for thousands of Amazon employees  Business Insider

Jeff Bezos also took to the stage during the concert to introduce Katy Perry and thank his employees for their hard work.

Opposition parties to push for ethics commissioner to testify on SNC-Lavalin scandal  CBC News

With just weeks to go before an election call, opposition MPs plan to put Liberals on the spot with a motion to bring Canada's ethics commissioner before a ...

Japan's two biggest opposition parties to join forces in Diet  Japan Today

Japan's two largest opposition parties said Tuesday they will form a joint group in both houses of the Diet in an attempt to challenge the ruling bloc's dominance.


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