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Last minute

Obamacare enrollment continues despite judge striking down the law  CNN

Nothing has changed even though a federal judge in Texas ruled Friday that the Affordable Care Act's individual coverage mandate is unconstitutional and ...

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Australia recognises West Jerusalem as Israel's capital  Al Jazeera English

Australia has recognised West Jerusalem as Israel's capital but an embassy shift from Tel Aviv will not occur until a peace settlement is achieved, Prime Minister ...

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  1. Democrats demand answers, DHS investigation into death of Guatemalan girl, 7  Fox News
  2. Migrant caravan: US to investigate after child dies in custody at border  BBC News
  3. Homeland Security chief blames migrant girl's death on her family  New York Post
  4. Dems, progressives quick to politicize death of migrant girl in Border Patrol custody  Fox News
  5. Cuomo on girl who died in Border Patrol custody: We can do better  CNN
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  1. Former White House chief of staff Reince Priebus selected to join Navy  CBS News
  2. Mattis writes letter of recommendation for Reince Priebus to join the Navy  CNN
  3. Reince Priebus selected to join Navy as reserve officer  Fox News
  4. Former Trump chief of staff Reince Priebus selected to join Navy with backing from Mattis  The Washington Post
  5. Priebus tapped to join Navy with support from Mattis | TheHill  The Hill
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  1. Woman arrested after racist tirade in NYC subway  CNN
  2. Subway rider makes citizen's arrest after filming woman hurling kicks and racial slurs at Asian commuter  The Independent
  3. Brooklyn Woman Arrested After Videos Of Racist Attack On Train Emerge  HuffPost
  4. Woman Arrested For Racist D Train Attack Has A History Of Alleged Subway Assaults  Gothamist
  5. Racist White Woman On Subway In Viral Video Arrested And Charged With Assault  Vibe
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