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Last minute

  1. Judge decides that twin son of binational gay couple entitled to birthright U.S. citizenship  Los Angeles Times
  2. One twin was a U.S. citizen, the other wasn't until judge's ruling
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  1. World's largest bee spotted for the first time since 1981  CNN
  2. Wallace's Giant Bee (Megachile pluto), once thought extinct, has been discovered alive on island in Indonesia  CBS News
  3. World's largest bee rediscovered in Indonesia  Guardian News
  4. World's biggest bee found alive  BBC News
  5. World's Largest Bee Is Spotted For First Time In Decades  NPR
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  1. Snowing in Las Vegas: Las Vegas hit with first measurable amount of snow in a decade  CBS News
  2. Las Vegas gets first significant snow for years after rare winter storm  Guardian News
  3. Las Vegas gets hit with second snowstorm in a week. What are the odds?  Los Angeles Times
  4. SNOWSTORM hits Las Vegas valley  KLAS-TV
  5. Las Vegas snow makes brightly-lit Strip look dreamy  USA TODAY
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  1. Judge rips into Roger Stone, bars him from speaking publicly on case: 'There will be no third chance'  Fox News
  2. Judge broadens gag order against Roger Stone after Instagram post  POLITICO
  3. Judge fires back at Roger Stone after controversial post  CNN
  4. Judge imposes gag order on Roger Stone  CBS Evening News
  5. Trump ally Stone gets gag order after ‘crosshairs’ post  WTOP
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  1. White House Says 200 Troops Will Stay in Syria, Retreating From a Full Withdrawal  The New York Times
  2. About 200 US troops to stay in Syria following Trump's order for 'full' removal  CNN
  3. White House: US Will Keep 200 Peacekeeping Troops in Syria  The Daily Beast
  4. US says 200 troops to remain in Syria after forces' withdrawal
  5. U.S. to leave about 200 troops in Syria, White House says  NBC News
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