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Judge Refuses to Scrap Plea Deal That Protected Jeffrey Epstein's Co-Conspirators  The Daily Beast

A federal judge refused to toss the billionaire pedophile's sweetheart deal set up by Alexander Acosta in 2007—one that granted immunity to any potential ...

Opinion | Black Sky Thinking | Ballads Of The Sad Boys: Why Emo Makes Sense In Suburban England  The Quietus

Emo sparks derision and division, even among those who claim to love the music. Yet, as Marianne Eloise argues here, it provided community and solace for ...

To Write Love On Her Arms Founder Jamie Tworkowski Talks Myspace and Warped Tour  Papermag

Twenty nineteen feels like a pretty awful time to be on the internet. One of the possibly unimpeachable improvements that's occurred online since 2006 however, ...

US will ask foreigners for Facebook, Reddit, Myspace accounts  Fast Company

If you want to come visit the Unites States, get ready for the U.S. Department of Homeland Security to ask for your social media usernames along with traditional ...

A 5-Step Guide to Diagnosing Technical SEO Problems  Search Engine Journal

Discover five steps to take when diagnosing technical SEO problems, along with valuable insights to help you address issues and deal with client fires.


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