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If you live in Sugar Land, watch out for bobcats!

It's bobcat mating season, and one was recently spotted in the Greatwood area.

Family appeal for missing African Grey parrot from Gravesend  Kent Online

A family's missing parrot has “left a void” after it flew off at the beginning of the year.

Thousands of birds found dead at Salton Sea  KABC-TV

Thousands of birds have been found dead at the Salton Sea from avian cholera.

Starts at 60 Daily Joke: A man buys a pet parrot Starts at 60 Daily Joke  Starts at 60

A man buys a pet parrot and brings him home. Once they settle in, the parrot starts throwing nasty insults at the man. Frustrated and offended at what the parrot is ...

At Least These Frigid Winter Temperatures Are Making Zoo Penguins Happy

King penguins at the Cincinnati Zoo enjoy regular walks around the zoo grounds on cold weather days.


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