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TechBrain Finds Evidence of Gendered Language Bias in IT Industry Job Ads – and Pledges Action  Business Wire

TechBrain, a Perth-based IT support services company, today released a report on the use of gendered language in tech industry job ads. The study foun.

US Supreme Court bins longstanding ban on 'immoral' language in trademarks  Newshub

The US Supreme Court has disposed of a longstanding ban on trademarks which include "immoral" words and symbols. All nine justices agreed the 1905 ...

Time-Travel Thriller 'Dark' Is the Best Netflix Show You're Not Watching  Thrillist

Buried among all the competitive chefs and makeover teams and telekinetic '80s teens, there's a little time-travel adventure show nestled into Netflix's impressive ...

Exclusive: Education Secretary Betsy DeVos calls for greater school accountability in helping English learners succeed and commits to ensuring immigrant children's education  LA School Report

During a visit to Southern California last month, U.S. Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos addressed educational needs of the Latino community, calling for more ...

Radio host claims 'prominent Māori actor' insulted his Te Reo  Newshub

"It's people who say things like this that make people apprehensive to even try."


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