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Location data shows where we go — and who we are. And it’s being sold.  The Washington Post

Congress should rein in data brokers selling Americans' location information.

5 Holiday Scams to Avoid

Consumer Reports recommends simple steps you can take this season to avoid holiday scams when you shop online, accept deliveries, give to charity, and ...

Beware of Stressful Events in the Evening  HealthDay

Stress in the evening may take more of a toll on your body than stress at other times of day, a new study suggests.

Thumbs up if you liked this review  The Business Times

THE BUSINESS TIMES Consumer - PRODUCT reviews, in theory, are a very good idea. If you are buying a thing, why not consult the opinions of hundreds of ...

Johnson & Johnson’s stock slammed after report it knew of asbestos in baby powder  MarketWatch

Shares of Johnson & Johnson tumbled Friday, after a Reuters report that the drug and consumer-products company knew for decades that its baby talcum ...


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