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HBO's Watchmen - Characters New and Returning

'Watchmen' will hit HBO this fall with a whole new cast of characters, including oldies from the comics. Here are their names and powers.

How This Personal Trainer Overhauled His Diet and Got Shredded

Personal trainer Lachie Brycki used to overeat while trying to put on muscle. After adjusting his protein intake, Brycki got lean and revealed his six-pack abs.

This 'Star Wars' Theory Could Solve a 'Stranger Things' Mystery

A comparison between Chief Hopper and Han Solo, along with a few key references, could be clues that 'Stranger Things' is following the 'Star Wars' path.

Try This Dumbbell Abs Workout for a Stronger, Better Looking Core

Want to make your six-pack abs really pop? Try this dumbbell series from trainer Charlee Atkins to build more core muscle and strength.

The Most Outrageous Reasons Married Couples Have Filed for Divorce

In a thread on Reddit, divorce lawyers have been sharing the pettiest and most bizarre reasons their clients have given for filing for divorce.


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