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Male angst prompts a new fertility service: sperm freezing  Washington Post

CAMBRIDGE, Mass. — Gilbert Sanchez froze his sperm in January, shortly before his 25th birthday. He was healthy and at low-risk for fertility issues. But he ...

Watch Dr. Pimple Popper Handle a 'Cystuation' in New Instagram Video

In a new Instagram video posted on Thursday, Dr. Pimple Popper—aka, celebrity dermatologist Dr. Sandra Lee, MD, cuts into a large cyst and extracts a thick ...

I Don't Care Dentists Are Concerned About Kombucha Damaging Teeth

Several outlets have recently reported that dentists are increasingly concerned about the damage kombucha can do to teeth, but as a fan, I don't care.

5 Reasons You Feel Depressed After Drinking Alcohol  Men's Health

Many people experience hangxiety, after heavy drinking. Experts explain five things that may cause those anxious, depressed, or guilty feelings after a night of ...

Here's How U-Turns Work on The Amazing Race

CBS show 'The Amazing Race' allows teams to throw U-Turns at other teams in order to slow them down in the race. Here's how they work.


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