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Treating food allergies by tweaking the microbiome? Trials offer 'promising but mixed results'  Genetic Literacy Project

These days, there is little doubt that the body's resident bacteria have a big say in how the immune system responds to food allergens. Research into the.

Grass Pollen Allergy Pipeline Review, H1 2019 Featuring ALK-Abello, Allergy Therapeutics, ASIT Biotech, Biomay, HAL Allergy, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals -  Yahoo Finance

The "Grass Pollen Allergy - Pipeline Review, H1 2019" drug pipelines has been added to's offering.

Harrison Schmitt, the Last Man to Walk on the Moon, Was Allergic to Moon Dust—Warns Others May Be Too  Newsweek

NASA is planning to send more astronauts to the Moon as part of its Artemis mission.

Keeping children away from pets deprives them from building a strong firewall against allergies  Firstpost

By the early 2000s, a number of studies showed the opposite -- that exposure to pets in the very early stages of life confers protective benefits and prevents the ...

Can you be allergic to cannabis? What symptoms look and feel like  Daily Hive

For those who experience seasonal, plant, or food allergies, the question of “Could I be allergic to cannabis?” may arise.


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