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Sure, There's A Health Care Deal. That Doesn't Mean It Can Pass
A bipartisan coalition of 24 senators—12 Republicans and 12 Democrats—have signed on to health care legislation to prop up the individual insurance market and keep premiums down. "This is a first step: Improve it, and pass it sooner rather than later.
Another last-ditch effort to tackle Obamacare stalls within hours of its releaseWashington Post

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Amid doctors' hunger strike, Poland may boost health budget
ABC News
Young doctors holding a hunger strike, in demand of more government spending on the chronically strapped and inefficient health care at the Medial University's Children's Hospital in Warsaw, Poland, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017. Poland's government has ...

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CNN poll: Most want focus on making the health care system work
Washington (CNN) With the start of open-enrollment for Affordable Care Act insurance exchanges around the country fast approaching, nearly six in 10 Americans say the Trump administration is doing too little to make sure the nation's health insurance ...

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Romanian health workers protest against tax plan
ABC News
Romanian public health workers shout anti-government slogans during a protest in Bucharest, Romania, Thursday, Oct. 19, 2017. Some 7,000 Romanian public sector health workers are demonstrating in the capital, demanding the government scrape its plan ...

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What is coinsurance? And other health insurance mysteries explained
Deductible: Your insurance company usually doesn't start covering your health care bills right away. You'll probably have to pay a set amount first. That's called your deductible. It's how much your plan requires you to shell out for your health care ...

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