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AiThority Interview with Founder & CEO Jordi Torras, Inbenta  AiThority

The AiThority Interview Series with Founder & CEO Jordi Torras, Inbenta is an AI-centric chat on AI/ML, Big Data, and Analytics.

SETI@home, the Alien-Hunting Project for the Nonscientist, Turns 20  The Ringer

UC Berkeley's SETI@home, one of the most significant citizen-science projects of the late 20th century, brought the search for intelligent life to PCs. It hasn't yet ...

What drug dealers have taught us about e-commerce on the dark web  The Australian Financial Review

Silk Road sold illegal drugs but great customer *service* was its hallmark. Since it was shut, businesses that have sprung up in its place have fewer scruples.

Hackers hold Baltimore to ransom | World  The Times

The city of Baltimore is being held to ransom by hackers who have seized control of local government payment systems and demanded about $100000 worth of ...

Colombian and Botswana Researchers Awarded ISC Travel Grant Funds  HPCwire

FRANKFURT, Germany, May 23, 2019 -- ISC High Performance is very pleased to announce that Aurelio Vivas a Master of Science research assistant in ...


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