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Music City's Finest: The 10 Best Clubs In Nashville  Georgia Public Broadcasting

In Music City, music is woven into the fabric of life. That must be why every week, we hear about more artists moving to Nashville from all over the world.

Chillwave: a momentary microgenre that ushered in the age of nostalgia  The Guardian

In a summer riven by financial meltdown, a niche trend for lo-fi retro pop couldn't have seemed more trivial. Yet it was the first sign of a generation fleeing into ...

Can music journalism transcend its access problem?  Columbia Journalism Review

A music writer's job is easily romanticized: Imagine getting paid to listen to music, that most universal, immediately resonant, and cool-conferring of art forms.

Ed Sheeran failed all his music exams while in University  Irish Post

MAYBE ED Sheeran should have named his first hit 'The F Team'. An exhibition currently on display in Ipswich has revealed something fairly interesting about ...

Best New UK Music Acts SG Lewis BenjiFlow A2  HYPEBEAST

Here's the Latest Rising Stars in UK Music: You can listen to all these acts and more in our new "UK Rising" playlist.


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