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Active shooter training in Indiana school went wrong. Here's how experts say it should go.  Indianapolis Star

After Indiana teachers were shot with pellets during an active shooter drill, a look at how training usually goes.

Trump's free speech order leaves some big questions  Politico

DeVos strikes out in key court cases — House panel plans briefing on admissions scandal.

Digital portal offers new way to explore career opportunities in Leeds  Yorkshire Evening Post

Council bosses in Leeds have approved the launch of a new digital portal that will provide young people with a wealth of helpful careers advice.

Y-combinator Founder Is Paying 40 Women to Train as Coders With New Summer Hackers Scholarship  eLearningInside News

Y-Combinator's Jessica Livingston and Lambda School are launching the Summer Hackers Scholarship so women can earn while learning to code.

Building An Effective Cybersecurity Program  Forbes

Building an effective cybersecurity program presents challenges to businesses of all sizes. It doesn't matter if you are a 25-employee manufacturer or a Fortune ...


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