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My Mom Set Me Up On A Date & It Had A Surprising Effect On Our Relationship  Elite Daily

The last thing I wanted was for my mom to set me up on a date. But I haven't had luck on dating apps, and even though I constantly ask my friends to set me up, ...

Stolen Artwork Is All Over Amazon — And Creators Want The Company To Do Something About It  BuzzFeed News

When artist Susie Ghahremani first came across a seller impersonating her on Amazon, she stayed up until 6 a.m., clicking through hundreds of the seller's ...

Four things to know about 'surveillance capitalism' and the digital danger we're in  The Globe and Mail

Harvard academic Shoshana Zuboff expands on her concept and explores how it's worse than we knew, and how the worst is yet to come in her new book The ...

Conventional solutions to an unconventional new world order  Khaleej Times

New era of interaction, engagement seen in Retail 3.0.

A New 'Black Mirror' Book Actually Contains 3 Clues About 'Bandersnatch' — If You Read Closely  Bustle

Considering they produce a show entirely about technology, the team behind Black Mirror sure can produce a gorgeous book. Available now, Inside Black Mirror ...


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