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Younger people want to better the world. Older people wish they did more.  MIT Technology Review

We asked young people to tell us their hopes for the future of technology. And we asked older people with long careers behind them to tell us what might have ...

Apple wants (and needs) more women coders  Computerworld

There's a shortage of coders. And just 15% of coders are women (at least in the UK). This is the context in which to understand Apple's most recent move to ...

GeoInspirations: Erik Bushland, Letting Students Fly

Editor's note: Thank you for joining us for this edition of GeoInspirations. Today our distinguished columnist, Dr. Joseph Kerski, features Erik Bushland, teacher at ...

‘Quantum Annealer’ Shows Promise in New Study  Newswise

An international team of researchers has developed a new algorithm for solving equations using a type of quantum computer called a “quantum annealer.

Who Made My Puzzle?  The New York Times

This month's constructor spotlight shines on Ryan McCarty.


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