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5 signs you should be using a credit card, even if you've been using debit for years  Business Insider

You may be used to your debit card, but you could be better off paying with credit. This is especially true if you're debt-free and travel a lot.

How to prepare your credit for a mortgage to get the best possible rate and save thousands  Business Insider

If you're wondering how to prepare your credit for a mortgage, you should start now by checking your credit reports and scores.

A guide to earning frequent flyer miles

Here are the most common ways⁠ — along with a few lesser-known options ⁠— to earn frequent flyer miles.

PLASTICS: AmEx to issue first-ever recycled credit cards  E&E News

American Express Co. today announced new efforts to combat marine plastic pollution with plans for reclaimed plastic credit cards and a card recycling program.

6 financial practices to start after graduation (if you haven’t already)

In many cases, college graduation is the first step of your adult life — that's why it's important to start your journey off on the right foot.


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