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The great unsolved mystery: Who is Postcard Underground?  MPR News

Many of been on the trail of the people who mysteriously send postcards. None has solved it.

Chef says ban on takeaways near schools is 'inherently racist'  The Guardian

Anthony Warner claims policy is more about gentrification than tackling obesity.

A civilized approach to mental illness pays off in Duluth  MPR News

Duluth police have had 31 percent fewer mental health-related calls, a confirmation that a more civilized approach to dealing with mental illness is working and ...

Pitfalls, Policy, and Promise of the UN's approach to Conflict-Related Sexual Violence and the New Resolution 2467  Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO)

Since 2012, April has been the traditional month of the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) open debate to discuss the annual Secretary-General's report ...

What I gained from attending the RPS Science and Research Summit  The Pharmaceutical Journal

Tsz To Sham encourages pharmacy students to take every opportunity to attend pharmacy conferences.


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