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How to have the best vacation ever this year  Mother Nature Network

Ahhh, vacation. It can be a time to catch up on sleep, rebuild mental and emotional reserves, and remind remind yourself that there's more to who you are than ...

District 'Wellness Center' Keeps Teachers Healthy, and Happy  Education Week

A free gym and easy access to health care may help keep teachers happy, healthy, and in the classroom.

Short workouts add up to good health | MNN  Mother Nature Network

New study finds several short bursts of exercise are just as effective as one long one.

It doesn't take a lot of money to get the health benefits of a girls' weekend  Mother Nature Network

Spending time with friends doesn't have to include an overnight trip or cost hundreds of dollars. Just invest the time, and you'll get the benefits.

5 Exercises to Jump Start Your New Fitness Routine  WebMD

Once you've made the decision to set a new fitness goal (good for you!), you have to decide how you want to get there. With so much fitness information at your ...


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