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Solar battery uses semiconductors  Electronics Weekly

Semiconductor engineers of the French Centre de Recherches Physico-Chimiques of CSF, recently demonstrated at Toulon a solar installation based on utilisi.

Should robotics education be made compulsory in schools?  New Electronics

Should robotics education be made part of the school curriculum? According to a fifth of UK adults polled to mark the official start of UK Robotics Week, running ...

Now for some emollient: India-US trade frictions are growing, here's how to deal with them  Times of India

The Trump administration has finally removed India from its unilateral tariff preference scheme for developing countries. GSP exports account for 12.3% ($6.35 ...

Legitimacy  Electronics Weekly

The back-room kerfuffling to choose the next batch of presidents-for-Europe shows us what an unusual construct this EU is. Most written constitutions point.

Kenya's mineral resources could pull millions out of poverty  Daily Nation

The test of our progress lies in whether we provide enough for those who have little, not whether we add more to the abundance of those who already have ...


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