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To make Macon-Bibb something wonderful, let’s join together - and start with schools  Macon Telegraph

If education is the No. 1 issue facing Georgia, it is at least doubly so in Macon-Bibb County. Here it's not just a matter of workforce development, it's critical to the ...

Mounting Evidence Points to Surge in Young Voters  Education Week

New data from a Tufts University center show increases in youth voter turnout rates in 17 states.

District 'Wellness Center' Keeps Teachers Healthy—and Happy  Education Week

A free gym and easy access to health care may help keep teachers happy, healthy, and in the classroom.

Possible Conversions to Charter Schools Mark Puerto Rico's Latest Education Fight  Education Week

The island's teachers' union says decisions about changing traditional public schools to charters are being made in the dark, but the education secretary says ...

How’s your racial IQ? Here’s how to improve it, without working hard at all  Fort Worth Star-Telegram

We all can raise our racial IQ, not just Southlake teens on a second racist internet video spouting the N-word. From a Lincoln-Douglas re-enactment to a Martin ...


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