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NME’s Albums Of The Year 2018  NME Live

After a massive year in music, NME count down the 100 greatest albums that have been released throughout 2018.

Blinks Change How We Talk To Each Other - D-brief  Discover Magazine

You probably didn't notice but the last time you talked with a colleague or chatted with a friend, you blinked. A lot. Blinks are a conversational cue akin to ...

Latest update on the long-range pattern

Short-range highlights...... A series of Pacific storms that will be loaded with moisture will sweep into British Columbia over the next week, and the result will be ...

SNAPSHOT: Dracula Ants Have Mandibles That Move at 200 MPH - D-brief  Discover Magazine

Ready, set…CHOMP! With mandibles that snap at up to 200mph (90 meters per second) Mystrium camillae, otherwise known as a Dracula ant, now holds the ...

The frantic, unprecedented race to save 700000 NSFW Tumblrs for posterity  Fast Company

Volunteers are scrambling to download up to 800 terabytes of *content* from Tumblr's adult-themed community before it disappears from view on December 17.


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